Tuesday, August 2

Little Bastard

The key in every shoot's successful execution I believe in planning. This plays a crucial part from casting, pulls, and working every team's sched from make up, hair, photographer, and most specifically, getting the model. I've been planning to shoot in Alabang Town Center because 1. great scenery 2. seldom used locations 3. near to my place. I tried pulling in the mall as well, and come so easy, and the most heavenly news I got is the approval of the use of the entire location!

I called Christine Lorico, our hobbyist photographer, who shoots great images, and its no doubt, outside shoot is perfect for the concept. We sched to shoot 3 editorials for a day, and here is one of the 3.

Released last July 22, Friday, in Manila Bulletin Lifestyle-Fashion Section, titled "In Perpetua":
My inspiration on this is James Dean, a legendary American film actor, who died in a car crash. The concept has been overused, so and well adapted thus we are so careful not to tag along the wagon. A little men's simple beauty at this time, very minimal styling, and just your typical guy.

Rodrigo, our model, is a perfect pitch! Just take a closer look just even 1 minute...Thanks to Tin, being part of the casting, with so many setcards to choose.... thank God it's Rodrigo. Thanks Mau of Mercator!
Huge part of the styling here, I involved Lui Cuevas, my stylista batch, fashion styling classmate. In our batch, we used to call our batch - stylista, obvious reason that some schools had their nicks ex. La Sallian, Atenista, etc.
Some of the unpublished shots.
Huge thanks to Ms. Arianne of Marketing, ATC, for such accommodation.

Trivia: Little Bastard is a nickname given by his coach to his car. By the way, James love speed racing!

The make up by Ms. Joyce, once again... its no hypnotism... just look into his eyes! Swoon...
Kudos to the team! Until next release.

Photography: Christine Day Lorico
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac & Lui Cuevas
Grooming: Joyce Seludo
Model: Rodrigo of Mercator

Location: Alabang Town Center

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