Monday, August 15

Flapper Dapper

In the fashion world, it's really tough to be in this business. Competition is so high, and every body is a bitch, as expected. That was before I meet Vanessa Matsunaga. Yes, she's the sister of Daniel Matsunaga, such a deary guy. Before meeting her, I really prep myself to be very formal, professional, and very serious. Then that was a complete opposite.

I planned the shoot to be held in TGI Friday's but the marketing is not responding on my emails, and my fax thus I decided to hit all the shoot on Vivere Hotel Alabang. Guys, you should try this Hotel if you're trying to check in with a friends visiting Philippines or just want to stay for a treat. Their staff were the friendliest people I've worked with in a Hotel shoot.

Back to the concept, it's inspired by 20-30's era. Dark make up, thin brows, and very regal, strong features, and don't forget the fringe, furs, and the pearls. Check out the final layouts as it was released in Manila Bulletin last August 12, 2011.
The last layout! I don't want just to do all designer clothes so that other people can relate to wearability accessible to them in RTW dresses.

We dicided to reshoot this since the backlight is much better to have a warm nostalgia effect.

At the lobby. Rxandy got Rain, and Jerby as assistant here to do the lights. Our mini production shoot so far!

Main Lobby. This is the most difficult shot for Vanessa since she needs to sit down at the edge of the chair and stretch her legs to shot length, otherwise the dress will cut short and will show some of her not-supposed-to-be-seen parts.

We're rushing to take a great layout here since the grand piano cost a million bucks! For Fashion, thanks to Eric delos Santos, Simon Vasquez, Zara, and Folded & Hung.

The iconic grand staircase. Special thanks to Ms. Elvie, Hotel Manager, for such wonderful accommodation. Ms. Fritz, her assistant, for the great help in every way she can.

That's all for now, more to come!

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin

Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac

Make Up: Lilian Yeung

Hair: Jay Wee

Assistant Styling: Pabby De Mc Cuttac & Kim Delos Santos

Model: Vanessa Matsunaga of Mercator

Location: Vivere Hotel Alabang

Up Next: The ET inspired make up!

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