Monday, July 2

Malabon's Feast of Holy Trinity

Last June 3, I was invited by Winnie to visit them in Tinajeros, Malabon since they will be holding the Feast of  the Holy Trinity, its like a annual celebration in their baranggay.  I promised to be there since Winnie became a close friend after the passing of Jp.  We convene in Winnie's place, my first time here, and Jp's choirmates - Ricky and his friend.

 After some homecooked meal feast, we had some picture taking and prepping for the procession.
 Wacky diba? 
 I tried the drum, and its so freaking heavy! 
 Gathered in the chapel, and finally meeting Jp's entire choirmates. 
 Check out the procession photos>
 The march includes the huge saints, Jesus, and Mary's statues, candle lighted, walking and praying from the chapel and round the entire baranggay and back to the chapel. 

One of the basic norms in Filipino culture is the strong faith displayed on some religious practices. Processions, saint and feast are just some hand down beliefs in return for sacrifices - good health, blessings, and giving thanks for the life.
 A band companying the procession.
 After an hour of march, we took a break and the choir had their meeting for future activities, and of course, photoshoot after, led by me! Flowers in the procession were blessed, sprinkled by holy water and believed to have some miracle in any forms.  
 We're back in Winnie's place, and ate our dinner there as well.

 Brought a desert from Red Ribbon's new chocolate collection :) Umay!
 Lastly, videoke challenge, syempre hindi ako patatalo - in Atomic Kitten's Tide is High - pacute ang peg! :)

 The serious-thinker! 
 Walang kamatayang, wacky! 

Until Next adventure! Ciao bellas!

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