Wednesday, July 25

MB: All Aboard!

One of the 3 editorials, Darz and I did last March 2012 for Manila Bulletin Fashion Section.  The released was put on hold, since one of the major men's magazine released the same Sailor inspired theme shoot. 

To avoid issue or comparison, I told Darz and Kaye that I'll delay the submission.  The main difference with what has been released is that its more of the casual wear and shot in a port/yatch location.  While ours is more of the resort/swimwear plot.  I want to do crazy stuff like Vogue Homme Japan/Numero feel yet I'm feeling its too risky to release it in the paper.

Check out this HOT editorial out last July 20 in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section

I did a women resort/swimwear shoot for the last 2 season, why not men this time :) NOTES: For minimal styling, you can use props as bag, hat, to push the concept a little bit.
Huge thanks to my brother Marcial, he actually looked for a navy hat, and uniform for this shoot :)
My Fave! Trivia: This is actually, me and Kaye Awatin's 1st shoot and collaboration :) Check her out

We didn't intend to copy one of the brands advertorial, but well I know it looks like one 
Zon7 Trunks (anchor boy cut trunks) are custom-made that only limited pieces are available.  You can contact Zon, by searching Ogayon Zon in FB.  You'll gonna love his creations, even got one in the next posts!  
Thanks Maldita Men bag, and Speedo!
Thanks Myth for the Stripes!
Thanks Folded and Hung for this pull as well!

Photography: Darrel Pobre
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Assistant Styling: Kaye Awatin
Grooming: Nina Dumpa

Assistants: Marcial De Mc Cuttac, Angelo Dan

Model: Felipe of IM Agency
Location: Acacia Hotel Manila

Special Thanks: Acacia Hotel Manila. For more information, please call 720 2000  or check their site

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