Sunday, August 26

Bryan Termulo 2nd Album Shoot: Hanggang Ngayon

Last May 2, I was requested to style Bryan Termulo's sophomore album, Hanggang Ngayon.  I asked Kaye if she can style with me and here's the BTS and the final layouts that is seen on Bryan's album.

We were so early that we had some time playing around on the set, the shoot is held in Bellhaus and everybody is super uber friendly there.

Check out Kaye's jamming session kuno! Lols.

 Check out our cool pulls from Top brands! Love it! We still manage to improvise a rack out of chairs and trays. Good job, Kaye! :) 
 Our Accessories set.
 Kaye just can't stop clicking, these vintage cameras are really amazing.

1st Layout is the album cover, they wanted it very simple, manly, natural, that suits on Bryan's personality. Directing, and helping out on the poses.
Testing some other poses, and experimenting on the sakit-batok-pose. 

Rox Puno is the photographer, and he is so cool to work with. 
Since, I'm wearing red shorts that day, I had to take a photo with Bry on pants naman. 
Well, after the shoot, Kaye and I are rushing to another shoot, we stop over for a milk tea for some breather. Japan japan peg muna dito while waiting for the teas. 
The cover that make it! Here's the final outtakes.

Experimenting the pastel trends with a suit.

 Thanks alot Topman - head to toe! :) 
 Rox wanted to play around with the environ, shooting in unfinished room.  Love the deconstruction look.

 This top creates a visuals that make the model/person so muscled.  I should have bought this in a smaller size as well :) Too late, no longer available in the shops.
 The Bruno Mars inspired look.
Thanks alot and until next adventure guys! I can't wait to share with you on my upcoming big projects! Sharing the blessings as well to my friends-costylists.

Photography: Rox Puno
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Associate Styling: Kaye Awatin

Special thanks: Topman, Sir Raul, Weng and Bryan.

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