Saturday, August 4

MB: Raw Edges

Last month, Christine Lorico, photographer, texted me if we can do a testshoot for James Goodfellow, and it's always hard to resist Tin because she really delivers, always! I say yes, though I have 2 shoots that day in collaboration with Aisa Ipac in Meg Magazine, and tremendous pullouts for Celebrity Living Magazine.

I told Tin that I'll make it cohesive so we can tell a story and submit to Manila Bulletin Fashion Section.  By, the way, she's the fastest editor, and hardcore beating the deadline photographer, I ever know!

Died when I saw the final layouts, and here it is! 

Check out the release today, August 4, Saturday, released in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section.

What's good in stocked items, in case of unplanned/on the spot shoot, you can use your stuff especially men.  I just got to pull few pieces, one designer -Ulysses King, and Aldo Accessories

 I just love everyshot that I need to post 2 photos per layout! It's always hard to choose when Tin submits alot of great photos! Lols!
 Love this black and white contrast against the door! 

 Never used this tattered top with straps from Philosophy Men.  It's no longer available in the Phils though, but they have edgy/cool stuff!
 James can really emote! 

 Super thanks to Ulysses King for the Holiday 2012 pieces! 
 Just love the grooming as well c/o Anton Patdu, our reunion after a long time :) 
 Thanks Oxygen for such cool RTW! 
Photography: Christine Lorico
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Grooming: Anton Patdu

Model: James Goodfellow
Location: Edifice Studio

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