Tuesday, August 28

Celebrity Living Mag ft. Ronna Manansala

I'm so blessed that Celebrity Living Magazine keeps booking me for a lot of projects now.  Different artists and celebrities, where I got a wonderful experience of knowing more not just about fashion but arts and a persona itself.  

I've been in a family of musicians, De Mc Cuttac, where my Grandfather Julian De Mc Cuttac is famous in Bacolod, and almost in Negros as a violin player.  A teacher, a pastor and a perfectionist violin player.  My sister Dore, was amongst the lucky one to be taught by my Lolo Julian, and some are my cousins and me, just the basic Twinkle, Twinkle little star :) 

So when, I heard that Ronna Manansala is the artist, I researched about her so just want to know her prior the shoot.  During the interview, I somehow, see myself, kinda similar to her passion.  She is the grand daughter of the late painter and a national artist Vicente Manansala.

Check out the BTS, with the fab and gorgeous, my assistant Kat Valdez.
We must love the red wall of paintings.

Kat with the hair and make up team.
Ronna loves collecting Troll dolls, and its to ADORABLE! 
Stylist and the artist in Promod! 
The Team behind the shoot! 

Check out below the actual release in Celebrity Living Mag August issue.  Grab your copy now! 
 Thanks Topshop for the head to toe look and Love Diva for the fab accessories.
 It's a great pressure to her as well, keeping up her grand father's legacy, but what marked to me personally is living her passion.  I can relate to this, where my grand father, yes, so strict, but instill a great attitude of discipline, perseverance and a strong heart to really be successful in my field, though not in music, but probably on road I'm taking or will take in the future.
 One of my faves.  I noticed that all her paintings majority in women in great emotions, where she also shared that one painting was remarkably done during her lowest moment.  
I just wish the artists, painters will be given more acknowledgements in our times.  Our Phil setting might not be a perfect arena for this but I think we have our local talents, who really worked with dedication and passion.  The feature, interview, exhibit helps, but are we promoting this as well.  

People definitely will support artist but without visibility, ad, and a little help,  this will definitely push to another level.

Cheers and I salute the artist! 
Mabuhay kayo!

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