Tuesday, August 7

Top 10 Feel Good Music = Good Vibes

When in these times of challenge and hardship I know it's something that made us into realization and whatever it is hope every one can reflect and act on it.

When I'm depressed or low, I tried to look for a motivation or something that will pick me up.  The usual comfort I do before is food, no wonder I gain weight before, secret confession of an emotional eater huh!  

I just love Ipods, or any handy mp3 players, never actually plan to buy one until my previous company gave us an Ipod.  I started to enjoy music more in travel, don't want to hear annoying conversation, or whatever purpose you may want to kill time.  I UBER listed my top 10 picks and try to hear it in every time you feel bad vibes or depressed and it really, really helped! 

TOP 10 Feel Good Music (Video Insert)

1. Therapy - India Arie ft. Gramps Morgan

Introduced to me by Paul G. Still my top 1 in my list.  Hopefully, I found my therapy soon as well :) 

2. You Gotta Be - Des'ree

I just love her! You can try - Life, What's Your Sign, or just buy the 1st 2 albums! 

3. Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield

Get ready, she has alot of inspiring pieces.  Listen to Neon lights, Weightless, Touch, and the Pantene commercial song, Unwritten! A song I dedicated to my bessy Aisa Ipac because probably she's so quirky, funny and never a boring moment. 

4. Spirit Indestructible - Nelly Furtado

It's her latest vid, I could have picked Powerless or I'm Like a Bird , but the beat of this and the vowels ( e, a, o, u)  synch is genius! Welcome back Nelly! 

5. Glorious - Natalie Imbruglia 

Quite surprised actually she has this one, since I'm used to her sad, break up songs! Please release an album babe, we missed you!

6. Good Time - Owl City + Carly Rae Jepsen

Cool tandem, yes, they are not doing the phone hand sign, whatever, lols.

7. Domino - Jessie J.

Don't you just love Jess! From Price tag, to Domino to Laserlight! You can use this also to perk you up in the gym mode! 

8. At Your Side - The Corrs

This is more of friendship actually, where there is a certain stage in your life where you just wanna live with your friends, and you love the support system. My former bestbud - Rombs Luzon, whom I really fought for and really  stand and hope we can back it up! Cause I really don't want end up with bad endings.

9. Got Your Back - TI ft. Keri Hilson

When you're high, when you're low, I'll promise, 
I'll never let you go, Say I got you back boy,
Keep my swag, keep looking good for you, 
keeping looking hood for you, shawty if you don't know!

10. Firework - Katy Perry

Torn between Teenage Dream, and Last Friday Night, but the vid breaks the score! Go Katy Purrrr!  

11. At the beginning - Donna Lewis + Richard Marx

And my song to my buddy Sheryll Umagtang! We've been super close friends for 7-8 years now and counting.  We are support on each - GOT YOUR BACK thing huh! 

It's always refreshing and very inspiring to find strength in family, friends and in any form where you can shake off the dust and just go back to the path, it might not straight and easy but it will with just little of motivation based not on other as well but built on your ownself, after all when everything disappoints you, you yourself can choose the attitude that will definitely determine and direct you to that path.

Until next time! 

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