Thursday, June 28

Dockers Fashion Feature

 I love brand collaboration because 1.  you got the chance to know the brand first hand, 2. mix the style with what the brand is demanding 3. make it fashionably cool and make it more interesting.

When I was called to do the styling for Dockers to be featured in Manila Bulletin Fashion Section, I said yes!  I know a little about the brand, its market and its style, but a little kinda having anticipation of what the brand is about - its more of the daddy market, old and definitely not chic!  But guess what, it's an immediate assumption, and I'm WRONG!

Here's the release last June 15, 2012.

All shoes are provided by Wade Shoes.  Thanks Ms. Nicole!
Prepping for the shoot.  Checks, khakis, and guess what yes, they are slim fit now!

My styling associate for the shoot is Bianca Sing.  I just super love the passion of Bianca because in between her studies, blog, events, she can still squeeze my request for styling. 

Discussing what to do with the lace? Lols!

Ready, get set, SHOOT! 
 I just wanted to capture the buzz during the shoot :)
 Rochelle Lacuna, our hair/make up artist for the shoot, Bianca and me.
Take a close look of each layouts.
 Styling a man's wardrobe can be sometime very challenging, you can go either safe/common or awkward.
Given the branding, and marketing of the brand, we want to showcase minimal styling with chic and still manly.

 Looks for the office, checkered pants, why not?
 Basic staple for a modern man - khakis!
Just some notes for a room of improvements: I observed that the model seems so short looking though Daniel is 5'11.  I believe to make a tall effect, it should be shot farther and cam should be lower than the model's navel - helps height and slimmer figure. 

Yes, Dockers have colored pants as well - check out their D0 (almost skinny) , D1 (slimfit), and D2 (relaxed fit) fit types.

Dockers is available in major malls and department stores! 

Photography: Yuki Sarto
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Associate Styling: Bianca Sing
Grooming: Rochelle Lacuna

Fashion: Dockers
Shoes: Wade


  1. Styling a guy is truly challenging! But with your mentorship, I really learned a lot :D


  2. wow thanks alot Bianca :) until next fab shoot :) you're such a great help!