Wednesday, October 24

SM STA MESA Fashion Editorial

I just love styling with SM Malls since you really got the real challenges and perks:
1. Entire floor/s of wardrobe to pulls - eye for style and details
2. Mix -matching different styles and trends
3. Incorporate other participating brands in the eds
4. Working with no-drama-no-stress people

When Manila Bulletin Lifestyle-Fashion Editor Carlos Dela Pasion called to style for SM Sta Mesa, I definitely say YES ASAP. 

Huge thanks to Ms. Athena and Pam from SM Communications Dept.

SM Sta. Mesa is strategically located around major colleges and highschools thus its market and crowd are teens, students, and young professionals. Currently, undergoing renovation for more shopping, and malling great experience. Our fashion story unfolds on the young, fresh fun, and chic looks.

 Check out the official release last Sat, Oct 20. 

Check out each layout with participating brands:

Military and Aztec with pastels - why not? 
Brands: SM Dep Store, Parisian Shoes

Brands: SM Dep Store, Amanda's Place Accessories, Folded & Hung, YRYS
 SM Cinemas - perfect date venue for yuppies :) and HS- college students Brands: Artwork, Von Dutch, SM Accessories, SM Mens Dept Store
 Shop until you drop!  
Brands: SM Dept, Folded and Hung, Susto, Primadonna Shoes
 Chic lang ni Ate ni denims, makabili nga din ng denim tops :) Brands: SM Dept Store, Amanda's Place Accessories, Parisian Shoes
 Love this part, where we need to sync the shoot with the LRT timings. Brands: Folded and Hung, Celine Bag 
 Archades, games, and free throws! So highschool :) 

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Associate Styling: Kai Macabata
Hair: Bryan Yokota
Make Up: Hanna Pechon of Shu Uemura

Models: Gab + Danny of IM Agency
Location: SM Sta Mesa

Ex-Diageo October Fest
Reunited Shoot with Christine
Bacolod's Masskara Festival  

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