Wednesday, October 31

Ex-Diageo Get-Together!

Last Oct 12, ex-Diageo employees had a simple dinner/get-together/October fest-kuno celebration.  It's been almost 6 months that we have been separated and it's very cool to see each other again.

I'm so late since I came from a shoot and haller, STA ROSA, LAGUNA, at ako galing MAKATI pa! lols  But I'm so determined to show up! O ha!   Read on...
Syempre wala ako sa group picture, take 2 na to ha! Hahahaha

All photos taken from Bong :) 
ASPAC Technical Center

Let the feast begin :) 
I missed the Bottling team - Spirit Supply, Bottling and Engineering :( 

I see, so eto na un Oct fest na part! Lols At syempre late ako, nagpapicture na lang ako ng bonggang bongga! Artistahin lang ang peg :) 
 With Ms. Michelle and Ms. Arnelle - mayayaman mga yan! Hahahaha 
 Marissa and Yeng from Technical Center :) 

Yeng and Fey :) 

Ms. Michelle and Ms. Gret  - Cute :) 

Oh, here's our mini-group picture by the way! 

 Since the dinner end up medyo early sa mga to, at gusto pang uminom, change location lang, PASEO na! And after some few bottles, we agreed to chill muna sa SB, lipas amats lang, ayan ha, free promotion of RESPONSIBLE DRINKING yan! Spacer - Frap! Alcohol then Frap! Ewan ko sa mga to! lols  

 Until next time! Miss you already :( Keep in touch in out MOMU Group! Attention sa mga KJ, mag paramdam naman kayo sa group, OO LIBRE YAN, mag online ka kaya! lols 


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