Friday, October 12

Ate Vi's Bday Celeb

Last Sept. 9, it's Ate Vi's Birthday, my brother Marcial's wife.  We had a short family gathering and some major catching up, though we're just living in the same area we barely see each other due to works and hectic scheds, naks naman.  

I just love family gathering and I missed it so much, it reminds of the good old days family gathering of my late lola Emilia and lolo Julian.    

Sharing you guys a quick snapshot of what happened that day :) 
 We just love fruit salad, and the fresh lumpia, yummy!   
 Wow, sweet naman ng kuya ko :) Aren't they adorable? Cheesy na! Lols
 My niece Mymy :) She's so sweet actually and so quite :) but a great dancer!  OMG, you need to check this link, this is like 3-4years ago! May ang kulit at ang galing! :) 

 The rest of the family taking a break! Attack na! 
 Rita, my brother's helper, she's so adorable, she even requested a photo together with her! Artistahin ang peg ko! 
 The celebrant Ate Vi :) Happy Birthday Ate Vi.  

Thanking you for being such a blessing in the family despite all the drama and circus! God really blessed you with strong faith, good health and wisdom to inspire and be an instrument of change to other people.

Keep shining and keep motivating! WE LOVE YOU!
 With Jason, my Japanese nephew, char! Kamukha nya kasi mga anime, kerker! 
 Feeling bata, agawan, attack! Hahaha 
 Pose guys! Until next year and next gathering - MY BIRTHDAY! 

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