Friday, November 2

Bacolod Vacay: Episode 1: Elem Visit

 Guys, here's the first installment of my unplanned vacation in Bacolod! It just happen so fast that when last Oct 2, I just check out Cebu Pacific site and quite lucky, there's a promo fare back and forth to Bacolod.  Its insane since Oct is Bacolod's Charter Anniversary celebrated as well thru Masskara Festival, thus it's usually fully booked!

I booked round trip, Oct 16-24, its 8 days vacation, and its been almost 2 years that I haven't come to my hometown.  Mom as you can see retire in Bacolod after working as a cook for more than 10 years here in a private family in Bel Air, Makati, so I kinda them.

I didn't tell anybody even my brother, and my niece Pabby here in Las Pinas that I'll be surprising all of them!

Arrived last flight, around 9pm, and just knock hard in our gate, and mom opened the door and shocked that it's me! I just say, Hi Ma! :) 

Well, on my first day, my nephew Sunny has a school program, UN Celebration and per grade level has a production number, so I thought why not visit my Alma Mater as well.

One of the improvements: covered court na bongga! Ma, my nephew Sunny, and Ate Aming, close-family neighbor, her son is dancing as well :) 

Kinder in different National Costumes :) 
 Opening number with a group song :) 

 Grade 1: Blinding PINK in Jlo's Papi! Kabog ang music ha! Adorable! 

Grade 3: Gangnam Style! Uso din! O ha! At ang galing nila as in kembot kung kembot! 

I'm trying to look around if I can spot familiar faces, and alas! My Grade 4 , Section 1, Adviser Mrs. Olvido! I used to be scared of her, super strict :) but later on, you gonna realize that it really helped :) 
My classmate from Grade 4 to 6, Katherine Adlaon :) She used to be so quite and super NEAT, OC girl! but now she's so chikadora! Lols! 
I need to watch the program again since it's my nephew's part now.  Grade 4 :) 

 Bare the blur :) Grade 4 is representing Philippines thru Muslim Dance. Bibo diba nasa harap, actually parang ako sya ng maliit! Maitim lang ako at mas mataba pa! lols!

 Ate Aming's son, Grade 5.

Of course, papatalo ba ang Grade 6.  They split the number into 1. Gangnam Style by boys and 2. another by the girls at my breakdancing pa mga boys! Kayo na! 

Before the actual production number, I went to my Grade 6 Adviser's house since its just one corner away from the school and unfortunately we don't have photo to share since she's sick that time and I thought it's not really respectful taking her in that not-so-cool-condition. Her daughter, Faithjoy, is actually my grade 6 bessy, so I want to see them both.  Unfortunately, Faith is at work.  Important thing is, I told her that I missed her and so thankful for everything kahit wala pa akong isip nun, and just dropped by to see her :) Thank you so much again Mrs. Lumauag, our Grade 6 Section 1 Adviser.

Before mom and I left the school, I requested the rest of the teachers, though they didn't handle our subjects yet they were already there when I was in elementary :) 

Alma Mater: Bata Elementary School I 

EPISODE 2: Masskara Festival

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