Tuesday, November 13

Bacolod Vacay: Episode 3: Mambukal Adventure


We are 15 excited excursionists off to Mambukal Resort, Murcia, its like 45mins ride from our place in Bacolod City.  It's just a simple plan since I just want to go there to chill and have a relaxing dip in the warm Sulphur pool.  

Let the fun begin! NOTE: Photos overload! Lols 

Rented a jeep, and jampacked with kids and complete with swimming gears :) may picnic basket pa! Lavet! 
Pag dating, attack agad! Even requested for tufo chopseuy :) weird for a swimming hahahaha

A cottage rent is Php 300.00 consists of 1 round table and 6 chairs, additional 4 chairs cost Php 100.00, not bad!  For those who wish to stay overnight, they have alot packages which is actually very affordable. The resort entrance by the way is Php 50.00/pax for adult and Php 20.00 for kids.
Tita Nene doing the grill - pork bbq. 
Mom's special buko salad :) Yum! 

1st Adventure - Adult and Kiddie Pool :)

The kiddie and adult pool is just Php 50.00, and NOTE, you need to wear swimming attire lols Perfect for my Zon7 trunks lols 

 Wait, aayusin ko pa hair ko! lols!
 Playing around with Shannelle :)
Kiddie pool is adjacent to the adult pool thus kids can actually jump into the adult.  Adult pool is just 4-5meters deep plus on duty lifeguards so its still safe :) 

PART 2 Warm Sulphur Dipping Pool + Bat Canopy

The Sulphur dipping pool is actually very relaxing since its really warm from nature, and it has benefits like aids in better blood circulation, sulphur can help skin condition and among others.  Pool fee is Php 50.00 and no swimming  outfit requirement :) as long as you are covered though. 

The closer you get this mini-falls its become hotter, pumped from source.

Atop of the pool, you can see a canopy of trees where bats were flying everywhere lols 

Part 3: 7 Falls

Mambukal has 7 falls.  Its a challenging going up its almost hiking... so really brace yourself with alot of preparation.  Though we just went to the 1st falls, check out the view! 

Love this rock formation. 

Its not actually allowed to dive/dip or swim in here since its unsafe.  Thus, we just took photos instead.  There's a guard actually para sa mga pasaway :) 

Going home... and photo ops :) 

Part 4: Photoshoot Ops

Of course, I won't leave without taking photos, and we decided to have it here in the lake-lagoon.  Serious - formal then wacky daw! 

Mas masaya pa din wacky! Kaya puro wacky na! Lols

We can't find Sunny, so 3 na lang kmi :) My niece Shannelle, Mom and me :) Too bad si Nana Cecil wala :( 

On our way home, tired yet so happy! 

Some of the road we passed! Yes, probinsyang probinsya, by the way, Negros is capital of sugar, thats why sweet kami! Char! 
And biglang naspotan ko mga chikiting, boom! Burlog na! lols 

Until Next, my last post on Bacolod Vacation! Miss this already :) 

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