Friday, July 26

Christine Lorico X Modernist

Working with photographer Christine Lorico is always exciting, that I can't wait for the final layouts. She submits alot of options and useful shots, which is hard for the editors to pick, and I love it!  This shoot is just a funshoot, since I really wanted to shoot the Fall Trend - Modernist, bi-chromatic, and futuristic feel, from Menswear FW 2013 biggest trend!
Photography: Christine Lorico
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Grooming: Anton Patdu
Model: Nico

Here's the inspiration of our shoot!

Now will let you decide what to pick! So many best options! 


My Fave! 

Special Thanks to: Flying Dutchman for the shoes 

Tin suggested to use black and white for the layouts, and fine with me since the clothes are basically BW and would appear more dramatic in a way.

Until Next Post! 

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