Wednesday, July 17

Galera: Summer Holiday!

Now I want to share a crazy adventure I had last March. Break from the fashion and so serious stuff first so I'm loading some b-side, great and funny adventure I had with some friends and new-found friends.

  I'm so eager to go for summer vacation, and I need to drag Santi and Miko!  We were so early in Batangas Port and Santi, the ever famous, had alot of friends and acquaintance at the port, thus we agreed to join with the group to lessen the expenses, plus the thought of meeting new people and doing some adventure is very enticing! 

Check out the secrets behind the trip! Patay kayo sa akin! Hahahaha

Group shot before our departure in White Beach!
BEWARE: PHOTO OVERLOAD and R18 ONLY! Walang edit edit to ha, kaya bare with me, para masaya! lols
 Prep my tanning oil since I really wanted to get darker this time,  but note the face still needed major protection, that's SPF 70's purpose.
 At the Batangas port, with Miko and Doc! 
As soon as we arrived in White Beach, Galera, we opted to wait til lunch for check in, we arrived at 9am, ayan atat kasi, so photo sesh muna!  Santi and Mau!
 Me and Miko and my DIY tank top, maganda yan promise, hindi lang kita lols 
 Yes, I have huge birth mark at my chest extending to my arm thus I love henna tattoo for some coverage! 

No time to waste, we wore our best swimming/tanning outfit! BOOM! 

We must have our photo sesh under the scorching sun! Tiis ganda! 

Let the tanning begins! 
Alam na kung ano to! 
Tres Marias! 

And that wraps up our first day! In summary, painit lang talaga habol namin! hahahaha

1st night in our room! CHAOS! Lols  Our room is around 4,500, per night and we are around 8-9 heads. You can find a better accommodation or hotel, but since this in my first in White Beach and heard alot of night fun, thus we chose to get a cheaper room since we won't be staying long. Food can range 100-150 Php per meal depending on your appetite and choice of food/resto/turo-turo of course.

Breakfast! We love it here since Ate Jopay prioritizes our orders!  

 Getting ready for Day 2 adventure! Lakasan lang ng loob! Hahahaha 
Now let the captioning begins! 
 Wow ha! Now, caption this guys! Ayoko manakit! Lols!

 Lunchbreak with the group again! 

I had to repost our last day group shot! Thanks alot guys! 

But wait kala nyo wla na, here are some of the bloopers and selfie moment shot, courtesy of never ending shots of Miko! 

Ganda sana nitong moment ko, panira si Mau! 

Thanks to Zon7 for the Trunks! For more designs, personalized trunks you can contact Zon at his mobile 09272026568 / 09273890383

Now this is the REAL FUN and BLOOPERS! 
Courtesy of Miko! Lols Blame Miko on this guys! hahahaha

Cute ng bata, ayan, napaisip tuloy ang bata! 
Ama, Ina at inaanak! PANALONG tong shots na to! Kaloka kayo! 
Winner ka girl! Push mo yan! 

 Best in LONER si Mau! 
Madam tapos na ang manicure? Polka in Sheer! Pakak! 

Best in Profile! 

Best in ILONG! hahaha, kidding in SELFIE! 

I had a blast guys, it all started at the port, me, Miko and Santi and then we ended up having friends of 7-8.  Thanks alot for the crazy and non-stop laughing on anything and everything! I missed you already, Team Aura!

Until Next time!

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