Sunday, July 7

CL X Maricar De Mesa X Rhian Ramos X Nelson Canlas X Isay + Robert

Bare with me on the late post guys, but I got to share this! Styled majority of this months editorial-spaces page! Thanks alot Celebrity Living Feb 2013 Issue!

Styled the cover featuring Ms. Maricar, also with the Spaces section of Rhian Ramos, Nelson Canlas, Isay + Robert!  Check out the final shots that made it to the print.

Thanks to my styling partners here: Kat Valdez, and Altaire Bautista!  It wouldn't be possible styling these celebrities without you guys! Thanks alot!
Don't you just envy her bath and her closet! OMG! I want this NOW, lols! 

I love her hotel type of place! 4-5 floors, and the top view, is AMAZING! 
Take a closer look for the casual chic styling! Thanks Mango, Primadonna, and Zara for the pulls!

In Spaces, Rhian Ramos and her lovely mom, check out the 3 short layouts/changes for Rhian! I just love them both, they are so adorable :) Thanks alot Topshop and Primadonna Shoes! 

Floral Dress from Topshop
Another personality I styled here is the couple, Isay Alvarez and Robert Sena.  The place is located in Bulacan and its really their getaway place from the metro, cool, quite and has a very calm, homey feel.
Thanks alot Zara and Topman for the pulls here!

Lastly, its the super and uber entertaining Nelson Canlas!  Styled him with all Zara Man here! Hope you like it, and by the way, I regret that I didn't buy the scarf print polo below, its really BEYOND!

I miss Mich, Joy and Apple from CL Team, thanks alot guys for the support!

 Until Next! 

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