Wednesday, July 10

Playboy X Style Guide

Aisa Ipac called and if I want to style Playboy Philippines Magazine, and I say, hell no! What I am going to style in naked women. She assured that it's about that, it's basically a STYLE ICON from US version and its a Guide for Men!  I'm relieved, when I got the email-pegs from Ms. Stephanie.

Tried calling brands Topman, 5CM, and Flying Dutchman.  At first, RSSI's Marketing Valerie kinda unsure since its not really the market they are aiming but after seeing the peg and assuring my kinda of style, previously styled Topman's Advertorial Campaign and from Manila Bulletin Fashion Sec, she allowed me to do pull!  Thanks as well to Flying Dutchman for the usual support, providing shoes on majority of my menswear!

Scroll down and see photos of the final layouts, and the styling team with the model, Gonzalo, whom I've worked with Uniqlo Fashion Shows.
First day internship of Carlo, and Carvey!

Photography: Raymond Saldana
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associates: Altaire Bautista, Carvey Samonte
Grooming: Frecita Saldana
Model: Gonzalo of Elite

The magazine also includes me in the contributor's page and had me shot after the shoot, so you just notice! 
I love it and thanks alot Playboy Magazine and Ms. Stephanie.

Changed all my profile to this photo, lols! 
Glasses, by Carvey. BW LS Polo, Oxygen.  Studded bow with tie, 5CM.

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  1. Initial reaction was epic! Great job on the different looks!