Tuesday, June 12

Girl's Chill Out!

It's CHILLAX for us this time! Pax and I been planning this dinner with close friends and styling team but unfortunately, if we plan there's always something last minute emergencies.  Though we missed Kaye Awatin, and Bianca Sing here, there will be definitely, another batch for this.

We pushed this dinner and chill session in Escobar, Cubao with Darz + Benj, Aisa + Mitch, and Ryan.  
Eating galore naman!  Si Aisa, pout kung pout! Lols, Love you bessy!
As always, late na naman si Ryan Sulit

After the dinner, we met Sarah Tirona and her hubby, they are the coolest couple ever! I LOVE SARAH! She so super cool and hip for a mom! 
Sarah and Benj clicked SO MUCH, that they can chat FOREVER! Lols! 
Crowd and Rock concert below! 
Everytime I see Aisa, I just love to hug her! That's why you'll see alot of photos of us hugging! 
Sorry bessy, I told you I don't edit! Hahahaha 
Super LOVE! Smile bitches! Lols!

UP NEXT! Julie San Jose and Sam Concepcion official Pinoy Magazine photos! Finally!

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