Sunday, June 10

Pinoy Mag X Christian Bautista

Christian Bautista is June's cover of Pinoy Magazine.  At first, I have some reservation and anticipation of how celebrity like Christian Bautista, but as soon as Annie Medina, EIC, introduced me to him, I extended my hand but he hugged me instead! I was quite surprise by this man's positivity!   

I called Kaye Awatin to assist me in this shoot, and I love her enthusiasm as always.  Check out our story and fun for the shoot! This is one of the very easy, light and fun shoot we have.  Kaye, I know, awkward pose to, but I love it :) 
We never talked about what to wear but it's odd that we usually have same color scheme! WAVELENGTH!

Shout out thanks to TOPMAN, BEN SHERMAN and SEBAGO SHOES for our pullouts for the shoot!
Getting ready for the 1st layout, doing some fittings! Stylist in action!
 Print on print lang ang peg - Tribal and checks!

 Kaye, GO moment mo yan! Lovet! 
Wait, Katch anong ganap? Getting ready for her profile pic! May sariling peg, cge ikaw na!
Christian, during his interview :) 

Syempre, ngparetouch din ako, required! Required si Katch! Lols! 

Sorry, I can't post some of the photos yet! But don't worry its all in Pinoy Magazine June Issue, so better grab one NOW!  

Our curtain call shoot! Tawang tawa kami lahat! 
Speak, see, hear no evilThe three wise monkeys, sometimes called the three mystic apes, are a pictorial maxim. Together they embody the proverbial principle to "see no evilhear no evilspeak no evil". usually used to describe someone who doesn’t want to be involved in a situation
 Group shot! The entire team with the Pinoy Mag Family!

Walang kamatayang candid! In fairview, dami nyan! Lols! 

I just love eating after shoot, so Kaye and I had our dinner/bonding moment in Rockwell! 

Here are the BYLINERS after the shoot, Darz graced our crazy favor on our portrait shots! 

Love it Kaye, fresh green salad lang ang peg! BOOM!
Ay, eto un, eto talaga tumaob sa atin Kaye, prepared at may dala pang PEG! KALOKA KA KATCHIE!
 Syempre ako, wla lang.... pero hihirit pa! 

Ayan fresh freshan lang ang labanan! Ayan colored candy na! Pang Seventeen lang ang peg! 

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