Thursday, June 7

Beauty & Butter + Family Day

I was invited by Beauty & Butter to drop by in their new location in Megamall, and I was quite surprised that the place is so cool and alot of people really coming over.  I love the murals/wall design, graphics kung graphics lang :)  They offers alot of manicure/pedicure services from nail art, 3D to DIY designs :) Coming soon, watch out my 3D nail art editorial.  Promise kabog nanaman to! 
Mom loves this pink-peach tone, malakas lang maka teenage dream.  I had my 1st belly wax as well in preparation for my 1st time boy cut trunks wear! Lols

Shiela did my 1st waxing, and she usually does the nail arts and manicure for our fashion editorials! I love how fast and efficient she can do nails in 10min-challenge! :) Thanks alot Beauty & Butter and Ms. Kwey.
We just love sweets! Kuya ko, Dane and Mom! 

ASSORTMENTS:  This old family bonding that I just love to post/share here!

Yogurt is a healthy option but adding more toppings and sugar based tops is not a wise choice, choose fruits instead :) 

Naingit gusto din mag solo shoot! Cge ikaw na ang doll-eyed chubby cheeks gurl! Hahaha
Ate Vilma, my kuya's wifey.  I just love Ate Vi, so humble, and very caring!  I remember when I used to be a fresh grad she always motivate me to push and gow lang ng gow sa applications.
Ayan nanaman ako hindi ko alam gagawin sa ngiti! Lols.  

UP NEXT: Christian Bautista X Pinoy Magazine Cover Shoot

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