Monday, June 4

Project Sawali: Photoshoot

Diageo Philippine Supply has a great way of delivering a BANG for the last time! Project Sawali is a codename for the project composed of selected employees to organize, plan and execute different memoirs thru avp, images, and a program that best captures the Diageo Spirit as we depart on our next endeavors.

We are assigned to different areas of expertise and as always, wala ako sa yearbook shoot! choosss! Paul G. is also part of the team:
 L-R: Bogs, Dexter, Archie, Ces, Arleen, Eugene, Fey, Bong, Phil, Alec (Jear & Paul - pasaway).  

First Team to hauled in the shoot is the Procurement and Supply Team.  Their theme is cowboy inspired.  Check it out! 
I don't want to super imposed the fashion editorial scheme since these people are not models, and come on, they really do great here given this is a group shot!
Trivia: This is actually a distillery area, where alcohol rectification/purification is done! But don't worry, there's no alcohol in here so flash won't aid the explosion :) 
These oak barrels are actually the aging barrels we used for the brandy.  Speaking of brandy, we really aged our brandy, unlike other company its just purely flavouring! 

Next Team: Finance Team: Their inspiration is glamour, sophistication with a James Bond-ish peg.  This team is so determined that they hired me chosss, a hair/make up artists Rochelle Lacuna, and  Divad Medina.
Pang teleserye lang diba! Taray ng mga to! Bumili pa nga mga outfit ang mga boys! Lovveeet! Galing lang ng production set dito, malakas maka effect ang yellow pallet! 

Akalain mo rooftop to ng planta! 

Next: Quality Assurance & Risk Team: My team, of course, I'm pressured to execute if not, less than beyond expectation rating, Yes! I'm in this team! 

Our story is PA-CUTE! Lols! No actually is California Girls! But since we can't afford the props, we improvised to color blocking! Check it out!

 Aminin nyo, kahit small portion lang ako, cute ang pagkaedit sa akin! :)  L-R: Eug, Cez, Chris, Me, Dani, Pat
 Serious talaga? 

Anong ganap?

I Love This set! :)

Last, but the not the least: Production Team, they are composed of mini teams, compressed into one - bottling, spirit supply and engineering/maintenance team.

I wasn't able to help them the styling here since I'm on leave, but I think the very raw of each story makes it more interesting.  They have gamblers, firemans, and tambay and horror flick???? ano to? basta! 

 Wow: Diba no smoking and drinking inside the plant! Paging, OHS Officer! Hahaha 

Wow Mike, lake ng biceps mo dito ah.... pero si Manny tawang tawa! Lols! 

Ay alam ko to! Parang mga porn stars lang to! Ay I mean Corby Fisher lang ang peg! Hahahaha 
 Eto yun horror flick! Best actress dito si Melai! Hahahaha
Cge kayo na ang Best in Candid! Nasusunog kaya sa likod! 

Ay alam na! Yun mabigad hindi makatalon ng mataas! Peace lang, joke lang po!

I'll definitely miss MY DIAGEO FAMILY! Until next time....
Walang kinikilingan, serbisyong totoo lang mga KAPUSO! 


  1. Love your blog Jear!!! more to come!!!

  2. thanks alot sir phil, kakapressure i maintain :) hahaha