Saturday, June 2

Mom's Lunchdate + Buddy She

My mom has been a cook for over 9 years now in a private residence in Bel Air Makati, and when she told me that she needed rest given of her age and condition, I told her YES! Considering that in a family of ours its little quite challenging being a bread winner.  I thanked God that recent challenges - like buy out of our company Diageo, and now pursuing full swing on fashion styling is a big RISK!

My mom decided to go back to Bacolod, where I grew up and to take care my nephew and niece, Dane's siblings.  Little they know I prep a simple send off lunch date with them in Rack's Grill in SM Southmall.  Sharing some photos now:
 Fiesta naman! I just love eating, obviously its in my Instagram lage food.  I am usually not afraid of eating since Im such a gym addict and a fat burner fan! Lols

Dane teaching mom how to use an Ipad! Oha! In si Mama!

One of my fave in Racks - Broccoli and Cheese (you can ask as well to separate the cheese if you want)
Their mudpie, of course!   After the lunch, I asked them what they need for a moment! Mom bumped in for a shoes since she will be attending a wedding in Bacolod.  Thus, I treat them for a shoes then! :)
 Dane confused between my 2 options.
 Orange suede wedge, and an off-white studded heel.
 Mom's obvious pick! I wanted her on high heels but she ALWAYS defies me! lols 
 I forced her to choose this since orange is so over rated this season, plus off white is so versatile! Boom goodbye savings! hahaha
 Of course ako naman just bought SM Teens white printed shirt.  You'll be surprise how cool SM Teens shirt were.
Ayan ha may full body ka na, kahit naka ilang frames ka na, hirap papayatin ang mataba! Hahahaha

On the other hand, I got to meet my bestbud Sheryll Umagtang.  We usually meet once a month for some updates, downloads, catchups, and some emotional lifts, and spiritual guide!  It's always a therapy session when we dine everything from current situations, plans and our disappointments, and hopes! 

She has been my buddy for more than 7 years now and counting.

 And NOTE: Emotional eater kami! We just love to eat and eat! 
Veggies and salmon ata! :) 

 Syempre may  pictorial din!

 After a mouthful dinner, we strolled around Shang Ortigas and ended a coffee  in Sb!
Love this whoppie pie :) Clever lang :) 

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