Saturday, June 16

Phil Fashion Week!

It's Philippines Fashion Week Holiday 2012!  Went to Bazaar of a close friend Ana and of course, my bessy Aisa.  We strolled around the place to look for best finds, and potential pullouts.  Saw Marj, Make up artist, from our SepShai Shoot.  

 Chilltime, with Paul, Ana, Aisa and sorry, forgot the name of the other girl.  My apology.  PR Guy Paul is my new BFF daw hahaha.
 During the SM Show. From Parisian Shoes to the RTW clothing Womens Wear.
 I'm actually starstruck of Ms. Devine Lee.  I just love her vibes and attitude :) GV lang! She even called us afar seeing/falling in line to have a photo of her. Lols  Alot of celebrities came but kinapalan ko na tlaga pag si Divine :)
 Actually, I'm kinda down going to PFW for some personal matters.  My bestbud Rombs visited me and we had our lunch in my fave Racks.  Wow, ubos pera ha laging Racks. 
 Menswear:  Love Dodjie Batu's Ragdoll inspiration.
 Love Jinggo Inoncillo's cutout neutral color blockings. Hip and modern!
Albert Andra definitely knows how to wowed the crowd.
 Ezra Santo's Couture! You'll know if its Filipino Dubai based designer is in... such drama, and breath taking collections. 

 Another Rack's lunch with Pabby this time, and PFW last day.  
 Love Enrico Carado's inspiration.  Though its very controversial, since alot of models had difficulty in walking and keep falling still its a strong collection.
 Happy Andrada.  I think she needs to hold back coming from the last collection, but seeing this, I want her to do what she usually do! She can really conceptualize!

 Michael Cinco show.
 Opening his show with Phil top models.
With ANTM's Allison and Dominique.

 Of course, some teasers! 
 PFW Finale, Jerome Ang show.
 Love the entire show, I thought each piece has its own character.  Very intricate designs, well execution, details, textures, head to toe look, great styling.  Plus, I love the video made Eldz, Bj, and Kabog.

 Lucy in Finale.
Being able to see majority of the PFW shows is such an honoring moment.  I felt proud of what we can do as Filipino, locally in terms of creativity, I think Filipino designers are really talented and skillful wise can really deliver.  The question is why are we so slow in marketing, and progression seems unfelt?  I think we need more of promotion, visibility and market ourselves more!  Social networks, medias is one, talent is another, yet why so slow?  

I've seen designers keep doing same thing, I've seen those from last collection, and even some so simple? Can we really grasp change and move forward or just merely copy another inspiration? Emulation or Self creation? 

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