Saturday, May 12

Paws Up!

This is part of the 5 editorials we did in just one day shoot.  Bianca Sing and I are so into this since actually we want to do a fierce and very tough, kick ass chick looks!  For the obvious hit, the model, Alisa is a sure winner for this!   

We featured bones and metal accessories with an edgy clothing in a fierce editorial which was released during the Women's Month!    

Love the Golddot shoes! Trivia: All shoes used in this eds is from Golddot! Thanks alot Ally!
Alisa is so pro that she can change from sexy, to fierce and slutty in just one instant! But of course we wanted fierce and edgy here :) 
We made some tweek to her hair and I advised Ryan, our photog to post process her hair to white or realistically close to white and final editing - silver! Amazing and it works!

Special thanks to Bosquejo and OS for the marvelous accessories in this editorial! Kudos Miguel and Aj!


Photography: Ryan Sulit
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac + Bianca Sing
Hair: Katchie Mejias of L'Oreal Professionnel
Make Up: Nina Dumpa

Model: Alisa of Elite

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