Thursday, May 17

Flagship: Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman is a British based clothing company, designing shirts, suits, shoes, accessories, and other items that are, in common with many British brands, now made overseas, largely in the Far East. Founded by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman.   Now, first ever here in the Philippines, and I think in Asia, under RSSI, same company having the brands of Topman/shop, Dorothy, and Warehouse.  I was invited by Ms. Val to do pullouts for my Christian Bautista shoot, which I'm so excited to share the outtakes.  

Here is the interior of the store:

It has a strong Brit feel, and designs!

Of course, the flag, and the wallpaper!
Love this side!
And some of the iconic photos and persona!

It has a wide range of checks, plaids, malakas maka Britton!

My fave! Alam na!
The shirt in different colors, Love the darker blue!
They have formal picks as well for those who want to have business feel.
Another pick of mine! I LOVE THIS!
And this shirt! Vintage lang.

You can check out, Ben Sherman in Shang Ortigas.

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