Wednesday, May 9

Diageo Summer Outing FINALE

Here's the finale of our Diageo Summer Luau 2012.  I know it's past 2 weeks but hey, excited ka pa din right? Ako din! Anyway, after the games, we have some free time, like an hour to do anything we want.  Some took a dip in jacuzzi and some in the pool. 

DISCLAIMER: Just for laughs! Peace!
 Ken, remind ko lang, jacuzzi/pool to diba? bakit may shades pa din? Diba dapat goggles? Kaloka ka! 
 Well, here are some of the freetime wasted! Lols! Mariel, anong ganap?  Dyesebel
 After the dip, we have an hour to take a prep and dolled up for the party.  With Cez, Patti, and Jomer.  Well, ganun talaga pag kasama nyo ako, dami nyo picture and feature :) Artistahin lang ang peg!
 Ayan, sugod na, Gigi, Jay, Arlene, etc na the rest, then at the other side, Ms. Nurse Gen, Phil (humarap ka!), and Christian.  We have a band, sosyal, while eating! 
After the dinner, we have a  some performers/guests to entertain us, I guess.  Though, there are some parts of the act that I find amusing, some not so ok.  Here they are:
Charuz, Charice P. impersonator, in fareness in theme sya sa Luau namin. The guy who is blindfolded, si Bogs yan, dito un part na pinagnanasahan na sya ni Charuz! Then may rape scene na magaganap! Hahaha!
Eugene, sorry, ayan nakita ng asawa mo! Basag! Hahaha, yan po si Bonnie, the other comedian, censored po, rated R po kya natalikod! After the hosting, comedy acting, and etc. We are back in the party! Starting with:
Cez and Gigi! Gigi is like my sister here at work! I'll definitely miss her :( 
Phil, Salvs, and Yeng. Cocktails anybody? 

Adrian, Ms. M, Ms. Jo, and Hecker Hector! This 2 (Adrian and Hector) pasimuno sa pagiikot para lasingin mga tao! Compulsory tagay of Kuya Johnny - Drink responsibly naman actually, just one shot - straight or with chaser/juice.
Ayan, biktima si Emer dito.  Si Maris naman pa cute lang ang peg ni ate. Hahaha Love you Maris! In fairview, super smile ka dito :)
Here naman, I was forced my Mikel to have a photo with him. Actually, may gusto sya sa akin, pero since married na sya, ayoko ng complication! CHOSSS! Joke lang Mike! Mike is a close friend in the work! Lageng tambay sa QA Lab office yan! Hahahaha 
Here are the boss! Supply Director Stephan Hawa, Alec, at si Pooh, ay sorry si Annupong pala, and si Ipe (Melo)

1st attempt nila! Super fail! Walk out lola mo! Sorry boys you're not my type! Taas ng standard! Bwahahaha
Let the PARTY begin! 
Adrian, chansing kay Dani! AHA! Alam na!
Our QA Manager, Patrick Pita! He's the most considerate, very passionate and loving boss ever! Cute pa! San ka pa! Sir P4G rating ko ha, kita kits sa May 18, last check ko! Hahaha 
 2nd attempt! Caught off guard at ayokong KJ kaya cge, tagay na! 
With Archie Gracie, Aisia Pacific director, joining us in our party for the last time! 
Dami na nila, I can't identify na! Hahaha tinamad! Well, spot the odd na lang sa ilalim :) Goodluck! 

 Ay tinangal ko na pala kasi controversial! Just ask me na lang! BOOM! ALAM NA! 
 This is our day 2, and our departure in the island!  Paul (now also a Dj, I mean a great Dj in major IT clubs, you name it, I can't spell it! hahahaha), Dani (hobbyist photographer, at mayaman yan, as in!), Yeng (a proud mom!), Salvs (nyora! chosss, a loving wife) and Mikel (my suitor, charot!, proud dad!) and Stylist Jear! 
 FINALLY! OUR complete QA and Risk Team, wacky shot! Me, Cez, Patrick, Chris, Ken (primadonna sa shoot), Eugene, Dani and Patti!

I'll definitely miss the Diageo Supply Team! Friendship built, closer bonds made! I JUST LOVE YOU guys!

WATCH OUT! Our very own, Diageo Supply Photoshoot debut! May ganun! 

Mga Kapuso! Hahahaha! Sabi nga white lang diba bakit si Jear may ribbon pa! BOW!!! 

For program AVP, please check out the link below! Tearjerker yan, so prepare your tissue.  If you can't open it, sorry, limited access lang yan! 

Diageo AVP - Director's Cut

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