Friday, May 18

Sweat it!

There have been alot of editorials I did for Manila Bulletin Fashion Section, and doing high fashion and little of edgy and fierce, not kinda my cup of tea though, scares me alittle bit.  I think Im still holding cause at the back of my mind I don't want the editorial (eds) to put into waste especially the team's effort and the designers who put their trust on the taste and rely on the creative output of the shoot.

I want to go crazy, fun and free in edgy editorials but I think I need to know more on the fineline between the great one and forced one, thus working in photographers, like Rxandy Capinpin, is a bliss because he or she is very limitless, and very, how would I say this, CREATIVE which sometimes local magazine/media can't appreciate some of his works.  Ayan Madam mega advertise na kita dito ha!
Enough of the women accessory feature, its time for the men/metrosexual accessory feature... I love this print from Nixon Marquez of Myth and Bosquejo Sacre neckpiece.
 I love this bone tie, and the tusks from OS Accessories.
 Another OS masterpiece. Spine! Thanks alot Lyle Ibanez for the pants.

 Edgy Adante Layesa neckpiece!

 Of course, Rx's symbol!
Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Grooming: Katchie Mejias of L'Oreal Professionnel

Model: Freddie of Elite

Special thanks to: Ms Joyce and Caloy

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