Sunday, May 20

Sebago Shoes is LOVE

I've been pulling to Sebago Shoes because 1.  Marketing is very accommodating 2. The pull request is immediately coordinated 3.  I trust the product quality and design, lastly 4. Money value and its versatility.

I went to Sebago Rockwell to pull for one of my shoot, which I will not mention for you to get excited, but I am, and claim a free pair.  
They have great and different range of boatshoes for everyday use.  Colors and functionability is very crucial for me thus, if you wanna invest in shoes, get a Sebago.  I have my 1st pair and its been 6 months on me and still I can assure you its durability.
 Check out some suede and leather combos! 
 Thanks alot Kaye Awatin for the hi-res photos! Also, helping out what shoes to pick.  I love SLR now, but hey I can just use point and shoot.  
 Pick your colors!
 Kuya: Sir maganda talaga to, at malakas makaporma, plus its our new collection.  Me: 0917 4709389?  Lols, bakit number agad binigay! Kidding!
 I try it on.  I have 2 pairs of boots to choose, all in brown but the cuts and the material is different.
 I tried a smaller and bigger size as well.  Help Tip: In buying shoes, try to buy in late afternoon or late in the day where the maximum stretch of the feet is at its peak thus actual shoe size can be picked.  Also, try to choose, if your in a tight budget that can work both its functions and porma :) 
 Trying it out again! Kulit!
 Final na? weh?
 At my left is the other pick, and the other one is on my right.  I know pareho lang, check out the sole!  Guess what I picked?
The brown suede one with red yellow lace - its Waldo Waxy Red brown! 

Thanks alot Sebago Shoes!   They have branches in major stores - Rockwell, Festival Mall, ATC, etc.

Until next time! Cheers


  1. Love love! Irampa mo na yan sa fashion week beb!

    Kaye Awatin

  2. Thanks a lot Beb! Ngayon k LNG naka pg OL ulit lols