Sunday, May 27

BTS Lougee Shoot

Rox Puno, son of the famous ballader/heartrob in his generation Rico J. Puno, texted me if I'm free for a styling gig for Lougee, former vocalist of De Lara and Mojofly.   Of course, since I'm free plus the project seems so cool and exciting, I graced the request. Rox is so cool that does photography, and singing... watch out for his album as well coming soon! 
I love it! We have rack for the clothes, so pro lang!  Going early is such a relief, stylist can set up the place and strategically organize everything from clothes, shoes and accessories.

Good thing, Kaye brought some additional accessories.  Lesson: Always check the pullouts! :) 
Change of lips.  I requested the make up artist to change the lips to paler/nude to make it more tough and rock!  Its a practice to always do the testshot, to check lighting, make up, registration, even poses to find the best angle and fit that best represents the person, character, product, item, etc thru images. 
Ganda ni Lougee dito! :) Its more of image creation, where they wanted to feature different side of Lougee.
Rock, with alittle sophistication, and more kick ass!
I love the color contrast of pastel with the rock skull shirt! 
This is a complete shift, just to see range for Lougee's set.
Kaye rushing putting masking tape on the sole :) Gow Kaye!
Rox is trying to teach me the instagram, and posting my 1st pic, and he wanted to take one of himself! Lakas lang trip! Lols
Wait anongyare?
I wanted to see Kaye on heels! hahaha Game naman! 
Lougee playing around some shots :)  Coming soon, final layouts, sorry I can't post pa kasi :) 

Photography: Rox Puno
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Associate Styling: Kaye Awatin
MUA: Nilo Cruz

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